Product Used
SafeStore Autor

HSBC France


Their Story:
Located on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, HSBC's branch is surrounded by numerous luxury brand boutiques. At the end of 2011, HSBC decided to upgrade the branch's 4000 safe deposit lockers and step up its security levels in the process.

Their Goal:
It was important that HSBC was provided with modern technology that could be used for a bespoke installation, optimising the current service area.

The safe deposit lockers needed to be larger than standard and no structural changes could be made to the building. In addition, the whole installation needed to comply with a set of strict security regulations.

Gunnebo Solution:
To be able to use all of the space available, Gunnebo proposed 530FX compartments. Special 2.4m high compartment columns had to be designed and three different compartment sizes were combined. Each locker was fitted with a dual-locking system for compliance with the highest security standards. The most spacious of the lockers are 1.2m high, 606mm wide and 547mm deep. They have been designed and tested to support weights of up to 300kg. 

Their Business Benefits:

The branch is currently the only bank in Paris to offer safe deposit lockers with such high capacity. This supports their goal to develop the loyalty of their high-end clients and to attract new customers.

Quote from customer:

"Providing high levels of service is an absolute priority at HSBC. Gunnebo succeeded in meeting its deadlines and carrying out the installation efficiently," says Patrick Iskin, Champs-Elysées Balzac Branch Director, HSBC France.

Solution used:

  • SafeStore Auto